Empowering refugee   uprooted & displaced women through qualified & sustainable tech & digital jobs

We implement online & free programmes designed
to meet the specific needs of displaced women

A professional orientation programme to

  • Develop their basic skills in using professional digital tools
  • Get to know the local labor market
  • Discover the opportunities that digital & tech could offer

 A programme to launch a new career 

  • Start a new career in digital & tech
  • Develop new hard skills & soft skills
  • Looking for tools & support to design their professional path


a volunteer at sistech

Solene Herrgott

Trainer in France

a fellow at sistech


Fellow in France

A fellow at sistech

Vuyiswa Kumalo

Fellow in Greece

a volunteer at sistech

George Kosnetzof

Trainer in Greece

A fellow at sistech

Onome Anigboro

Fellow in Italy

A volunteer at sistech

Maddalena Avallone

Mentor in Italy

A volunteer at sistech

Shuy Yang

Mentor in Italy

a partner at sistech

Rémi Durand-Gasselin

Partner from Cisco

a member of the board at sistech

Chloé Tuot

Board Member

a fellow at sistech

Stéphane Herault

Board Member

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