Empowering refugee  uprooted & displaced women through qualified & sustainable tech & digital jobs

We implement online & free programmes designed
to meet the specific needs of displaced women

A professional orientation programme to

  • Develop their basic skills in using professional digital tools
  • Get to know the local labor market
  • Discover the opportunities that digital & tech could offer

 A programme to launch a new career 

  • Start a new career in digital & tech
  • Develop new hard skills & soft skills
  • Looking for tools & support to design their professional path


Solene Herrgott

Trainer in France


Fellow in France

Vuyiswa Kumalo

Fellow in Greece

George Kosnetzof

Trainer in Greece

Onome Anigboro

Fellow in Italy

Maddalena Avallone

Mentor in Italy

Shuy Yang

Mentor in Italy

Rémi Durand-Gasselin

Partner from Cisco

Chloé Tuot

Board Member

Stéphane Herault

Board Member

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