Enable refugee women to bring their value into tech!

Join Sistech for a win-win CSR & D&I solution that allows you to

Recruit talented refugee women

Engage & unite your employees through skilled volunteering

Achieve social impact at scale & contribute to the SDGs

They trust us!

Sistech exists to connect talented but invisible women with forward-thinking companies that value diversity as a guide for innovation.

You can partner with us by

We work with companies to ensure

You can’t make a puzzle with identical pieces! Enrich your team with people who

have diverse background & experiences

are resilient & show higher retention rates

speak on average 3 to 4 languages

Take action for women, for your company, for an inclusive society!

Sistech has been working closely with SME, global corporates, and foundations to create sustainable, high impact partnerships that leverage partner’s strengths on behalf of uprooted and displaced women and deliver win-win outcomes that offer both the greatest social and economic value.